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Therapy for Depression

A compassionate, expert approach to healing from the pain related to depression.

Depression Counselling

Your past doesn't define you

Are you struggling with feeling depressed? Depression is a common but serious mood disorder, creating symptoms that impact how you feel, think, and handle everyday activities. It can affect your sleeping, eating and working.


There are different forms of depression, from major depression to persistent depressive disorder; specific depression like perinatal depression during or after pregnancy and seasonal affective disorder that comes and goes with the seasons.


Therapy for depression can help.

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Unraveling Depression

Depression is not a uniform condition; it manifests uniquely in each individual. From the pervasive sadness of major depression to the seasonal patterns of seasonal affective disorder, its forms are varied. Core to depression is a profound impact on one’s emotions, altering feelings, thoughts, and daily functions.

What defines depression is not just a fleeting blue mood, but a consistent and severe emotional state that lingers. The brain’s response to this emotional state can disrupt daily life significantly, leading to a range of symptoms from fatigue to thoughts of suicide. When these symptoms persist daily for more than two weeks, it may indicate depression.

It is not your fault and you do not have to face the healing process alone.

depression Therapy In BC

Symptoms of Depression

Generally, if you feel symptoms every day for at least two weeks, it’s time to get help. Here’s what you may experience if you have depression:

Depression Counselling

These symptoms are not a sign of weakness but are valid experiences that can be effectively addressed with the right support and treatment.

Therapy offers a pathway to healing and recovery

Michelle Rahn, owner of Better Life Counselling & Therapy in Victoria and Coquitlam

Michelle Rahn

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About Us

Why Choose Better Life Counselling & Therapy?

With over 40 years of private practice experience, our approach at Better Life Counselling & Therapy centers around the belief that you are already whole. It is our job to provide the support and guidance you need to bring forth the best version of yourself.

We provide in-person therapy in Victoria and Coquitlam, and virtual therapy across British Columbia. Our convenient appointments include options for evening and weekend sessions and no wait list.

We want to help you build confidence, connect with yourself, and strengthen your relationships.

We provide therapy that is:

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We believe healing requires a genuine connection between a therapist and client. We provide you with a safe and non-judgemental environment.

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Our approach is tailored to you, providing the skills and strategies that will help you heal in the way you need most.
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Even in the most stuck places – relief is possible. Our integrative approach combines the most effective therapies to create lasting change.

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The skills and strategies you will gain from working with us can be used immediately after each session to help you feel better faster.

Better Life Counselling & Therapy

Therapists Offering Depression Therapy

We help you connect with the right therapist for your needs in a safe and welcoming environment. Our experienced team provides the support, tools and evidenced-based treatments to build a life that feels better.

Depression Therapy In BC

How Our Depression Therapy Works

Depression Counselling
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Customized Support

In some instances, depression begins in adulthood, but can also occur in younger individuals. Depression can also co-occur with other serious medical illnesses, such as diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and others. These conditions can worsen when depression is present.

We can help! Our tailored therapy plan will help you find a way to heal and be joyful again. Therapy can be helpful in treating depression by providing support, understanding, and coping strategies. Therapy can help you experience improved mood, increased motivation, and a greater sense of hope and wellbeing.

Don’t wait for a medical diagnosis of depression. Even if you have only a few symptoms, treatment can help you or your loved one feel better. If it’s impacting your relationship, we offer couples therapy. We also have therapy for children, teens, and young adults, group therapy, LGBTQIA2S+ therapy, and support for veterans and first responders. Your depression may be caused by a life situation that you find difficult to cope with.

Better Life Counselling & Therapy

What You Can Expect

Depending on your unique circumstances, attending therapy for depression can be a transformative journey. You may notice a decrease in depression symptoms, increased resilience, and improved functioning in daily life, as well as being able to:

Live with more confidence

Have an easier time making decisions

Regulate your emotions

Deepen existing relationships

Form new connections

Develop healthy coping mechanisms

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Better Life
Counselling & Therapy

Better Life
Counselling & Therapy

Depression may be part of your life story but it does not define who you are now or in the future.